Accelerate Net Zero

Transforming the way Energy companies reduce carbon emission

Energy companies are contributors to high carbon and GHG emission from hydrocarbon pollutants.

Every day, millions of tonnes of oil waste from operational spills, effluent or accidents is discharged, treated and disposed.

Each of these processes expose land and ocean to high concentration of oil waste pollution, and emit high volumes toxic greenhouse gases.

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High volume energy sector oil waste include crude oil tank-bottom sludge COTBS, spills during crude oil operations and transfer, leakage in storage and wastewater effluent treatment.

Energy companies must urgently deliver climate commitment goals

Under the GHG Protocol Category 5 Waste Generated in Operations, all solid waste and wastewater generated from operations must be declared under Scope 1 and Scope 3 respectively by the operating company.

Operational abatement at source of oil waste, prevents release of new greenhouse gases


Spills and Discharge






Oil Spills

Ecoguard™ carbon avoidance mechanism enables emission abatement at source of oil waste


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Opportunities to reduce Scope 1 and Scope 3 emission from Oil & Gas Value Chain


Use in Upstream Operations

  • Zero Carbon Decommissioning
  • Rig and Platform Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Spills Management
  • Degreasing of Equipment, Tools & Machines
  • Emergency Spills Response
  • Air Scrubber

Use in Downstream Operations

  • Refinery Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Desludging & Tank Cleaning
  • Spills Management & Soil Cleaning
  • Emergency Spills Response
  • Depot Maintenance
  • Oil Recovery
  • Air Scrubber
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Use in Petrochemical Plant

  • Land Spill
  • Shoreline Spill
  • Oil Base Mud (OBM) / Soil Washing
  • Storage Tanks Cleaning
  • Drainage & Pipelines
  • Floor Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Pump & Engine Room
  • Tools, Parts & Equipment
  • Oil Separator Pits
  • Degassing
  • Air Scrubbing
  • Shutdown
  • Emergency Response
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EcoGuard™ provides Energy companies a Faster, Cleaner and Safer Way to Reduce Carbon Emission