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Kenanga Suria Sdn Bhd

Everyday occurrence of oil spills and oily waste disposal are a major global concern, and is extensively damaging biodiversity, threatening the public health and has severe ecological and socioeconomic consequences.

Kenanga Suria help industries, authorities and communities manage oil-based pollutants and waste, through EcoGuard bioremediation solution.

EcoGuard product range treats contaminated water, soil or subsurface materials from oil spills, food oils & fats and heavy industry grease.

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Health & Safety

Certified Non-Toxic, Safe for Skin,
Non Flammable, Neutral pH


100% Natural, Plant-based,
Protect Native Biodiversity

Ease Operations

Save Time And Cost, Non-corrosive
And Protect Equipment

Carbon Offsets Towards Net Zero

Direct impact from mitigation of oil waste effluent and disposal

Every 10k MT oil sludge treated responsibly removes from landfill disposal 350 MTCO2e
5,787 tree seedlings grown for 10 years (US EPA)

Video of Official Launch Ceremony