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Eco Friendly Solution for Oil-based Pollution

EcoGuard is an Advanced PhytoTechnology water-based solution formulated to eliminate oil-based residue and pollutants.

EcoGuard helps businesses and industries overcome common problems with Fats, Oils and Grease in daily operations in a safe, economical and most importantly sustainable way.

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Reduce Carbon Footprint

Mitigate Waste Oil Pollution
Blue Carbon Offset
Reduce Landfill Volume

Reduce Cost

On-Site Preventive Maintenance
Reduce Disposal and Transportation

Improve Productivity

Safer, Cleaner, Faster
Improve Asset Utilization and Lifespan
Crude Sludge Oil Recovery
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Helping companies GO GREEN and SAVE COST by mitigating oil-waste pollutants using nature-based technologies

Our Commitment

Everyday occurrence of oil spills and oily waste disposal are a major global concern, and is extensively damaging biodiversity, threatening the public health and has severe ecological and socioeconomic consequences.

EcoGuard bioremediation products and services helps industries, authorities and communities manage oil-based pollutants and waste.

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